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Why Temperature Calibration is Essential & Situations When You Should Consider a Calibration Service

Temperature plays a crucial role in a variety of industrial and commercial processes. Any device that is used to measure temperature must be calibrated at regular intervals, especially if readings from that device are critical to an operation. When you rely on a temperature device for accurate measurements, your work is only as good as its readings. Inaccurate readings can lead to a false sense of security, and place time and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products (TTSPP) at risk. So, timely calibrations are critical. Now, when you should calibrate your device depends on a variety of factors, most importantly, how frequently you use it. If you use a temperature measurement device regularly, calibration within six months to a year will help you maintain accuracy of your instrument over the full operating temperature range.

Device manufacturers provide calibration certificates for some devices. These certificates are valid for a limited period and the associated devices can be used throughout this period without you needing to calibrate them. However, there are times when proper or re-calibration is required. You should get your instrument calibrated at the earliest if:

• The device's measurements are highly suspected.

• Its calibration certificate is not available — it has been lost or missing pertinent information.

• Regulatory bodies require proof of calibration and it cannot be provided by the manufacturer’s certificate.

• The device is in use for longer than the period defined in the calibration certificate — either at the risk of the user or with the approval of the OEM.

• The device is operated in conditions beyond the manufacturer's datasheet limitations (e.g. excessive temperature, shock, etc.).

When choosing a service provider for the calibration of your measuring devices, don’t just rely on anyone. Make sure the company is reputable and has the resources and experience required to offer a reliable and time-effective service.

Choose Custom Calibration for Accurate & Reliable Calibrations

Custom Calibration has been offering on-site, as well as in-lab calibration services for more than 30 years now. Whether you are looking to get temperature calibration services for thermometers, autoclaves, chart recorders, data loggers, or anything else, we have you covered! We know how to do the job right the first time! Custom Calibration helps you reduce costly equipment downtime and increase your overall productivity — by ensuring a reliable and time-effective service!

Send your instruments to our fully equipped laboratory or let our team of experienced professionals, visit your facility for a seamless calibration on-site while your company operates uninterrupted.

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