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We don't just promise,

We Guarantee It!

Custom Calibration Guarantees every calibration performed by our team will be precise and accurate. Period.

What Does That Mean?


Accuracy and Precision are two words that are used frequently in calibration but are commonly mixed up. To help clarify read the information below:


 means close to what you are going for. Imagine a target with a bullseye in the AccurateBeing center. Accurate shots would be those close to the bullseye while not accurate shots would be farther away from the bullseye. In science accurate results would be results that are close to the expected outcome.


Being Precise means being able to get the same thing over and over. In the bullseye target example, you are precise if you shoot the same area, again and again, no matter how close or far from the bullseye you are. As long as you are in the same area, again and again, it is considered precise. In science, results are precise if you get the same result over and over again.


It is possible to be accurate and precise at the same time if you get the same result over and over and that result is close to the expected result.

How Do We Do It?


Our Systems - We have spent years curating and perfecting our internal systems so every detail of your calibration is tracked.  All internal systems are interconnected and consist of a strict hierarchy consisting of notifications, alerts, and approvals so there are always multiple eyes on every stage of our process.

Our Standards - We don't just track client assets through our systems we also track our own.  Every standard possessed by Custom calibration is NIST traceable and certified by an external body.  On top of the external certification, Custom Calibration performs internal audits on all of its standards and tools to ensure the highest reliability.


Our Technicians -With our easy to use but, comprehensive internal systems also comes comprehensive training.  All Technicians prior to working on any customer assets go through a rigorous training consisting of Basic Metrology, Internal Systems, Calibration Processes, Measurement Uncertainty and most importantly Safety. Following training, technicians are required to take an exam and receive a passing grade of 85% in order to proceed.  All employees are required to take an annual refresh course and exam with all previous knowledge as well as any new material.

Not Satisfied, Just Contact Us

If you are not 100% satisfied with your calibration we will re-calibrate your equipment at no additional charge.  It's that simple.

Contact us and we'll take it from there

Thanks! Message sent.

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