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Scale & Balance Calibration

You Have The Equipment, We Have The Standards.

  • Validate your results with precisely calibrated instruments

  • Optimize your operations by regularly sending your equipment for calibrations

  • Improve your product quality by using highly accurate instruments

  • Choose a sophisticated solution for measuring sensitive data

We have been serving our customers with precise balance calibration services for many years. Our technicians have experience in restoring the quality and functionality of instruments with their fast and efficient calibration services. After we are done, your equipment will be suitable for taking measurements and conducting experiments in every setting, including rugged industrial environments and shipping applications. We provide routine calibration services in an environment-controlled laboratory for helping our clients in improving business productivity without wasting precious resources.

Our capabilities
Custom Calibration is committed to eliminating the calibration challenges of businesses that rely on the accuracy of balance and scales. Environmental factors such as temperature, air movement, static electricity and vibrations can impact the observed values. We ensure that your instruments work under the tolerance levels so that you can deliver optimum quality solutions to your clients. Our technicians specialize in calibrating:

  • Analytical Balance

  • Counting Scale

  • Bench Top Scale

  • Floor Scale

  • Shipping Scale

  • Industrial Scale

Don't see what you need? Contact Us today! We're not called Custom Calibration for nothing.

What we offer?

  •  We focus on precision and quality

When it comes to measuring sensitive data, there is no scope of inaccuracy. Our scale calibration services are carried out in a controlled laboratory with NIST traceable standards. Regardless of whether you use robust industrial weighing scales or ultra-micro balances, you can always rely on our services for consistent and accurate results.

  •  We comply with industry standards

Being an industry leader in calibration, we offer ISO 17025 acredited services that will meet all your performance obligations. You will no longer have to worry about inspections and auditing once you opt for our services. We understand that measurement accuracy cannot be compromised and guarantee that our services will not let you down.

  •  We spot faulty readings

We advise all our customers to opt for our regular calibration services to identify instrument aging and faults. We will be able to give you a comprehensive report about the cause of inaccuracies and suggest preventive measures for keeping your equipment safe and calibrated for longer period of time.

  •  We want the best for you

We are committed to help you in making profits and satisfying customers by delivering quality products. We provide high precision calibration services to help our clients maintain their quality standards and expand their client base.

Devices Calibrated

  • Analytical Balance

  • Counting Scale

  • Bench Top Scale

Don't See what you need? Contact Us today! We're not named Custom Calibration for nothing.

  • Floor Scale

  • Shipping Scale

  • Industrial Scale

Custom Calibration does not claim any affiliation to the companies shown above

Need Onsite Calibration?

Custom Calibration specializes in onsite calibration and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry.  Onsite services are offered in Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  


  • Reduced Instrument Down Time

  • Operate Uniterupted

  • Eliminate shipping cost

  • Schedule at your convenience

calibration car
calibration certificate

Calibration & Certificates

We've got you covered

All calibrations performed by Custom Calibration are traceable to the SI through NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology).  Every Calibration Certificate includes all data collected during the calibration including as-found and as-left data and is backed by our Bullseye Guarantee.


Have an audit?  don't sweat it

Once a calibration is completed and reviewed the certificate is exported and stored in the cloud for you to view, download and print from any device with an internet connection.

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We strive for 100% customer satisafaction.

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