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Onsite Calibration

Let Us Come To You

The number devices and size of those devices will dictate whether onsite or laboratory calibration is needed.  With only a few devices it is easy enough to simply pack them up and ship them over but, larger facilities with many devices typically opt for on-site calibration.


While most other companies offer limited On-site calibration, Custom Calibration specializes in onsite calibration and offers a full range of services.

Onsite calibration equipment
Benefit of calibration

Benefits of Onsite Calibration

Eliminate Down Time

Onsite calibration allows you to continue to use all of your equipment until the time we are ready to calibrate, reducing downtime and maximizing your productivity while keeping your equipment precise and accurate.

Operate Uninterrupted

Many manufacturing lines run constantly.  Custom Calibration will work with you and your operators to work around your time.

Eliminate Shipping costs

Shipping your equipment back and fourth adds up.  Not to mention the time that's needed.  With onsite calibration that's gone.

Calibration Capabilities

Calibration Capabilities






Mechanical & Dimensional



Scale & Balances


Don't See what you need? Contact Us today! We're not named Custom Calibration for nothing.

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Have a Question

1. Contact

Send us an email or use our web based quote request form to send us a list of all your equipment to be calibrated.

Download our equipment Template

2. Schedule

Once your request has been received our team will contact you to discuss your requirements in greater detail as well as schedule the day and time of calibration.

3. Calibrate

Our experienced technician/s will arrive on the date and time scheduled and begin calibration.

Please provide a well lit workspace with standard electrical outlets and  stable temperature control during scheduled day of calibration.

Request a Quote

Request a quote for On-site or Laboratory calibration services

​Reach out to our team and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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