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If You Use Measuring Instruments, You Should Definitely Do These Things

It is not enough to just have equipment and instruments that work. There is no point in using top-quality equipment for your business operations if you are not sure about their accuracy. When you use instruments that cannot produce precise results, you can never be certain about the outcome. When you use flawed instruments, you end up with products or results that are not reliable. This can put your business at the risk of losing its license or paying hefty fines. As you might be aware, regulatory authorities have made it mandatory for businesses to use only calibrated equipment and instruments. To help you keep your precision tools in top condition, we have listed some key maintenance tips. What are those tips? Let’s find out.

Prevent Corrosion By Keeping Instruments Properly Lubricated

Corrosion and oxidation are known for taking a toll on the functionality of measuring instruments. It is advised that you oil your instruments after every application. Just make sure there is no excess oil, which you can do by cleaning the instrument using a dry, clean cloth. The risk of leaving your instrument wet is, it starts holding very fine particles that can lead to deterioration of internal parts. Another thing to keep in mind is, you should not use any compound or penetrating oil for lubricating your instruments. Only use those oils that are developed especially for light lubrication purposes.

Keep Your Instruments In The Right Environment

The worst mistake you can make in regards to keeping your instruments in top condition is storing them in any random location or environment. Measuring instruments are valuable as long as they are capable of measuring things accurately. That is why you should not allow your instruments’ accuracy to get affected by storing them in places where destructive elements are present or where they can jostle against one another. It is best you keep them separated in well-protected, padded cases. And if you happen to work in an environment where there is a lot of vibration, it is advisable that you store your instruments far away from the effects of vibration as vibration can affect your instruments’ calibration. Apart from vibration, damped environment is also not good for measuring instruments.

Use Your Instruments In The Right Manner

While doing the above-mentioned things are important, one of the key things to do to keep your instruments performing well is handling them properly while using them. Often people damage their instruments or miscalibrate them by using them roughly. So, if you use your instruments at a workbench, it would be good for you to use a top-quality rubber mat that can rest on the floor. A rubber mat will protect your instruments if you accidentally drop them. You should also protect your instruments from excessive heat and cold. Normal room temperature is necessary for instruments as extreme temperatures can expand and contract instruments and affect their calibration.

If you take care of the aforementioned things, your instruments will last a long time and continue to work well. However, keep in mind that all instruments and equipment, no matter how well you store and use them, need to be calibrated at fixed intervals to maintain their accuracy. You can get in touch with Custom Calibration if you ever need to fix your instruments’ preciseness. With us by your side, you will not have to find ISO 17025 calibration services online. We have all the key certifications and accreditations, including ISO 17025. This means you can remain confident about our quality of services.

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