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What You Need To Know About Calibration Intervals ?

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Calibration intervals are defined periods of time, in which the calibration is expected to remain stable within specified and documented limits of the measuring equipment. These intervals are provided to ensure that the measuring equipment operates without any error within a particular time frame. Precisely-defined calibration interval helps in balancing the cost of calibration, and the instruments performing within their specification to minimize the risks of inaccurate measurements.

Initial Calibration Intervals

If you don't have any prior experience, then you must plan the calibration interval for the measuring equipment as per the manufacturer's instructions. Once you set the intervals, make sure you are also maintaining a good calibration record. The record must include the details such as equipment's manufacturer model number, the location where the equipment is used, identification numbers of the equipment, procedure number for the calibration, the procedure used, and frequency of calibration that needs to be performed.

Optimal Calibration Intervals

An optimal calibration interval eliminates the risks that you may face with out-of-calibration equipment's performance . Too long calibration interval can result in out of tolerance measurements, unscheduled maintenance, and inaccurate measurements outputs.

Overlooking the calibration intervals can cause troubling situations for you, where you may experience errors in the measuring equipments. This could lead to the wrong measurements during the processes, and you may end up repeating the entire process with another calibrated equipment. With an optimal calibration interval schedule, you will be getting calibrated measuring equipment meeting the meet the stated specifications and standards. In addition to this, you don't have to worry about investment cost in the calibration process due to unscheduled calibrations.

To avoid inaccuracy in measurement and putting your business at risk, you must hire a service provider offering gauges, calipers, and depth micrometer calibration in Connecticut.

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