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Tips to Get the Best Dimensional Calibration Services

Finding a calibration laboratory that meets your company’s specific dimensional and mechanical calibration needs can be complex. For someone doing it for the first time, it may bring a lot of confusion as well. To get the best dimensional calibration services, you should be aware of everything you need to consider.

Working with a calibration laboratory without ensuring a few things can sometimes land you in trouble. You don’t know the quality standards they follow and whether they are in sync with your needs. So, it is essential to take time and research thoroughly before reaching a decision.

Here’s how the process should be like:

Checking work records for instruments

Before anything else, you need to know how your instruments are performing. The best way to do this is to check the previous records and find all the tools with calibration needs (the ones indicating a lack of accuracy). You should not rush into calibrating all your instruments as it may incur costs that were probably not needed.

Identifying key instruments with calibration needs

Once you have the list of all the devices with calibration needs, you should identify the key instruments. You might have purchased different tools for different purposes. Not all of them need to give high-precision readings. So, you should further shorten the list and have only those that need it.

You can also exclude instruments that are rarely used. To keep it safe, you can attach a tag ‘need to calibrate before use’ to them and store them to use later. You should not spend on instruments that you don’t frequently use.

Discussing your requirements

You should keep the list of instruments handy before connecting with a service provider over the phone. By doing so, you can figure out whether the company/laboratory fits your needs on the first call itself. Companies willing to get the best dimensional calibration services should keep this in mind.

Make sure to ask about the quality standards they follow, the laboratory’s accreditation, the levels of calibration they provide, in-house repairs, and all the other things that matter to you.

Evaluating the service provider

After mapping your calibration requirements and discussing them with the calibration service provider, you may feel like reaching the decision. But, there is one more step involved. You should cross-verify everything based on your research. Believing everything they say is not a good idea. You should further check their portfolio (to get an idea of their previous work experience) and customer reviews to ensure whether their services are worth your money.

The bottom line

Your employees depend on various tools to maintain safety and ensure quality every day. Due to prolonged use, they may start giving inaccurate reading over time. Thanks to calibration labs and services that keep quality and productivity in place by calibrating devices! By doing so, they also help companies avoid significant losses.

In case you’re looking for a calibration lab to calibrate your devices, you can reach out to us and get the best dimensional calibration services.

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