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Things You Can Do To Keep Your Measuring Instruments In Great Condition

It does not matter whether you have some of the best measuring instruments in the world if they cannot provide precise results. It is essential to use only reliable instruments for doing critical work. You can increase the reliability and accuracy of your measuring instruments by taking care of them. In this blog, we will share with you some effective ways of keeping your precision tools in top condition. What are those ways? Let’s find out.

Protect Them From Corrosion Using Lubrication

Corrosion and oxidation are known for taking a toll on measuring instruments. You can reduce their negative effects on your tools by lightly oiling your instruments after each use. Just make sure there is no excess oil on the instrument, which you can remove using a clean, dry cloth. It is important to keep the instruments dry because minute particles can attach themselves to the surface of an instrument, which can then gradually lead to internal wear of parts.

Keep Instruments In The Right Environment

You need to store your instruments in the right place. Whatever your storage location is, it needs to be kept safe from harmful elements. You should never keep instruments in a place where they can come into rough contact with each other. The best thing would be to keep them separated from one another in padded cases. Also keep in mind that measuring instruments should never be subjected to vibration and movement. If your work environment experiences a lot of vibration, make sure your instruments are kept far away from any vibration. Dampness is also not good for the instruments, so take care of that as well.

Handle or Use The Instruments Correctly

You shouldn’t have a highly-important measuring instrument in your hands if you do not know how to use it properly. Damage and miscalibration are common results of improper handling of precise tools. Whenever handling these tools, make sure you never drop, throw, and bang them against hard surfaces. Also, keep them or use them within a normal room temperature range; temperature extremes are not good for them.

It is essential to follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your measuring instruments in top condition. However, no matter how well you take care of them, all instruments lose their ability to measure accurately over time. They will need to be calibrated. Custom Calibration specializes in temperature, pressure, dimensional, and many other calibrations. You can get best laboratory dimensional calibration by hiring Custom Calibration for your expensive measuring instruments.

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