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Things to Consider When Looking for Lab Calibration Services

Your laboratory may have different devices of varying sizes. Based on your accuracy requirements and how conveniently you can take them to a laboratory, you can opt for lab calibration services or on-site calibration services. While doing this, it is essential to choose the right calibration laboratory. Many service providers are available on the market, but not all of them may be worth your time and money.

For a first-timer, finding a dependable calibration laboratory can be challenging. If you haven’t done this before, you should consider these things:

Laboratory accreditation

The first thing to check in a calibration laboratory is accreditation. While you may think it is just a document, it means much more than that. Laboratory accreditation is done by a reputed third-party authority and indicates that the laboratory meets all the industry standards. In this way, it ensures that the laboratory follows a quality system, has its set of operating procedures, has trained employees, and maintains records.

Calibration certificate

A calibration certificate includes all the essential information related to the equipment and calibration method used. For an accredited laboratory, a calibration certificate is not something to bother about, as it will most probably follow all the relevant standards, including the calibration certificate. It is still a good idea to ensure whether they provide it. You can ask about it on the first call itself.


Sometimes, a few calibration points of the equipment may be out of specifications. In such cases, adjustment is needed. You should check whether the laboratory has the required skills and tools to adjust your equipment to bring all the ranges in sync with the specifications.

Turnaround time

You wouldn’t like your devices to be out of service for an extended period. To ensure this, you should check the turnaround time of the laboratory. While discussing this, you should remember that this also includes the transportation time for pickup and delivery.

Repair and maintenance

Some laboratories offer repair and maintenance in addition to calibration services. Choosing such a laboratory can be an excellent decision as you get everything you need for your equipment in one place.

Price and warranty

Another important thing to check is the price and warranty for the required calibration services. Prices may vary for different laboratories according to the services offered. While comparing their prices, you should also compare what you get in exchange from each provider.

At the same time, you should check whether the laboratory is authorized to calibrate a product under warranty. In case your equipment has crossed the warranty period, you should ask whether they provide any additional warranty for their services.

The bottom line

Choosing a reliable calibration laboratory is essential to ensure that your devices serve you well and offer the desired accuracy throughout their life. While doing this alone may be tricky, lab calibration services can ease the task, ensuring enhanced accuracy and reliability. However, you need to confirm whether your service provider follows the relevant quality standards.

In case you’re looking for lab calibration services, reach out to us today.

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