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Reasons You Should Get Your Instruments And Tools Calibrated At An Accredited Lab

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Companies in the manufacturing industry depend on their equipment, tools, and instruments for their overall turnover. But it is crucial for that equipment and tools to function with proper accuracy as any variation in their operational precision can severely affect the quality of goods or items being produced. The precision of equipment is especially essential in industries such as biotech and pharmaceuticals as their output is mostly consumables and is checked for quality by authorities such as the FDA and the suppliers. Although many companies have the option of going with in-house calibration, they nevertheless choose to work with third-party calibration labs such as the one Custom Calibration has. They do this because an accredited lab provides companies with numerous advantages. Let’s take a look at some of those key advantages.

  • When you are, for instance, looking to get top temperature calibration service for your tools, opting to work with an accredited lab will be the best thing for you. This is because an accredited calibration lab guarantees you a flawless, professional job where you can get your key temperature measuring tools fine-tuned for doing precise readings. This becomes possible because such labs have been assessed by top accreditation bodies for their quality of work.

  • If your business is in pharmaceuticals, then it becomes even more important for you to maintain the highest level of precision in your equipment as even a negligible level of inaccuracy can prove extremely costly to you. You do not want to go through troubles such as product recalls or insane fines for not fulfilling industry guidelines. A calibration lab gets its accreditation after the lab, whose job is to maintain the accuracy of tools and equipment, itself has gone through rigorous checks and tests for its accuracy of work. So when you work with these labs, you do not need to worry about your instruments being treated nonchalantly.

  • Since companies working in pharmaceuticals and the F&B industry make consumer goods, the need for calibration auditing is greater in them. The reason for this is that they are expected to carry regular audits for suppliers. So in order to save money, which is normally spent on validation from an accreditation body, companies have a better option with them, which is to let a third party accredited calibration service to fine-tune their equipment than doing the same job themselves.

As the precision of your equipment is vital for avoiding fines, product recalls, and other troubles, it makes sense to work with calibration services that are accredited, qualified and experienced. Custom Calibration is one such calibration company that guarantees its clients error-free calibration.

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