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Minimize Uncertainties & Ensure Accuracy of Test Equipment with Top Quality Mechanical Calibration

The accuracy of mechanical test equipment is critical to an organization’s success. Inconsistencies or inaccurate readings, if not addressed in time, can create problems and lead to serious losses. Because mechanical test instruments are subject to drift — due to frequent handling, shocks, and exposure to different atmospheric conditions — they must be calibrated at regular intervals without fail to ensure that they stay reliable and traceable. No matter which metrology discipline your instruments belong to length, force, pressure, mass, vibration, or viscosity, regular calibration of test equipment is crucial to maintain the highest level of accuracy in measurements.

Things to do before hiring a third party calibrator

Due to increased workload, high cost of having an in-house team of calibration professionals, and additional quality requirements in calibrating test equipment, many companies seek out and utilize the services provided by a third-party calibrator. If you are also planning to hire one for the calibration of your instruments, here are a few things that you should do:

  • Get a listing of the calibrator’s capabilities - To get the best mechanical calibration services, you need to know the capabilities of your calibrator. From the calibrator, you can ask for a specification data sheet that shows disciplines, ranges in a particular discipline, and uncertainties associated with that range that it can calibrate.

  • See what standards the calibrator uses - For this information, you can ask for a copy of the manual from the calibrator that addresses requirements to calibration quality standards. Check if all the parameters are what you need for your requirements

  • Ask about the lab - Know about the facilities available at the calibrator’s lab to identify if it is well-equipped and capable of providing you with the best mechanical calibration services.

Send instruments to our laboratory or get them calibrated on-site

Custom Calibration has a fully equipped laboratory with wide-ranging capabilities designed to properly calibrate mechanical, electronic, pharmaceutical, temperature, humidity, and pressure equipment. We handle your equipment with care and maintain quality standards. If sending instruments to the lab is not a feasible option for you and you don’t have a team of calibration technicians available in your manufacturing and production facility to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, mechanical calibration technicians at Custom Calibration can visit your facility and calibrate your devices on-site in a time-effective manner, so that your productivity doesn’t get hampered. All calibrations performed by Custom Calibration — in the lab or on-site — are traceable to the SI through NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology).

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