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Importance of Standards in Mitigating The Impact of Coronavirus: Calibration Matters

There is no surprise around the fact that, indeed, the global pandemic has completely transformed the entire world. In the event of the turbulent spread of COVID-19, pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations worldwide diligently work overtime to produce effective vaccination solutions. As the world continues to seek different ways of controlling the spread of the virus in the form of lockdowns, social distancing measures, limitation on public gatherings, travel restrictions, among other ways, companies focus more on the proper distribution of these vaccines for ensuring delivery of its effective formulation.

While in the front, our focus remains on the number of cases identified, patients in the hospitals, and the number of deaths, maintaining quality infrastructures and standards in ensuring the availability of critical medical devices, diagnostic tests, personal protective equipment, laboratory tests, and services for quality diagnostic reasoning is of utmost importance.

It is all the more vital for laboratories and companies dealing with medical devices and pharmaceuticals to have reliable and relevant calibrations standards in place to maintain data integrity and consistency of vaccines.

Calibration is the process of comparing measurement values being delivered by a device in measurement technology and metrology with those of a decided standard accepted as known of accuracy. Typically the accuracy of a standard should be ten times the accuracy of the measuring device being tested. But, an accuracy ratio of 3:1 is usually acceptable. Calibration meets two significant objectives: accuracy and traceability of measurement.

Moreover, calibration includes the repair of a medical device that is out of calibration.

The elaboration of calibration standards is crucial for maintaining quality infrastructure and the highest quality of medical products and services. The director of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Bernardo Calzadilla- Sarmiento, said that the development of relevant and reliable standards, measurements, and certifications touches many facets of international trade and investment.

The pandemic proved to be a piece of evidence that the agreement of technical standards can save lives, enhance health and wellness, and keep operations of vital value chains active in times of strain.”

Following are how the maintenance of a quality calibration system can aid pharma companies and businesses dealing with medical devices:

  • Ensure accurate medical test results with quality and reliable kits

  • Prevent wastage of time after incorrect testing and lab practices

  • Ensure medical products that are fit-for-purpose

  • Support development of vaccines and medicines via verifiable methods

  • Keep track of toxic waste disposal that lead to an increase in hazardous emission levels

  • Maintain the safety and soundness of medical goods, services, and processes

  • Build a good-practice, cost-effective capacity-building and training

A well-calibrated medical system ensures reliable testing standards for detecting infection levels and the presence of the virus for onwards treatment procedures while complying with the legal policies, relevant regulatory framework, and other practice standards.

Whether there’s a pandemic or not, the highest calibration standards are beneficial nevertheless. If you are looking for the best thermocouple calibration services online or anything else, work with experienced experts at 203-484-3707 today!

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