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Ensure Accuracy and Efficiency in Your Operations with Timely Equipment Calibration Services

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

In their application, measuring instruments are subjected to different influences, such as changing environmental conditions or aggressive and abrasive media that may, over time, have an unnoticed effect on the measured values. An instrument giving inaccurate measurements, especially, in settings where the accuracy is paramount, can lead to disruptions in the process or even trigger serious safety risks. The result of this is high costs. A regular inspection of measuring instruments, referred to as a calibration, is therefore recommended and even prescribed in many cases. The Calibration Procedure During calibration, the measuring instrument, also known as the calibration item, is compared with a reference measuring instrument to detect possible deviations. The reference measuring instrument is more accurate than the measuring instrument and it is traceable. Consider the calibration procedure using the example of a pressure gauge. The calibration is carried out over the entire measuring range. The zero-point, intermediate values and the full-scale value are checked. If the deviation of the calibration item is within the manufacturer's specifications, the calibration certificate will be issued with a specific confirmation. If the deviation is too large, the instrument will be reset. This process is known as adjustment. It can then easily be used again. A special case of calibration is represented by verification. Here, the calibration process is certified by a government agency. This is required in some cases, for example, for consumer protection. Need to calibrate your devices? Get equipment calibration services from Custom Calibration. Whether you are looking for on-site or off-site calibration, we have you covered! At our laboratories, we can calibrate, as well as adjust and verify your measuring instruments. Have questions? Give us a call today!

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